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Get ready to defend your Mother’s honor with this fast paced, fun and downright blasphemous game.

The logical gamification of the age old insult that’s been traded in bars, man-caves and on Shakespearean stages for centuries, Your Mother Is A Whore is a fast paced, interactive and hilarious game where you get to defend your Mother’s honor by handing out Whore Points™ while dodging them yourself.

Build out a hand in Blonde, Brunette, Redhead or Raven to tell all your friends: Your Mother is a Filthy Whore! Maybe dive into someone else’s hand with a Threesome, or if someone is trying to dish out Whore Points to you, Cockblock them. 

For players who love Cards Against Humanity, this game has a similar warped sense of humor with a highly interactive hand management gameplay.

Launching soon on Kickstarter…