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Your Mom's Rules...

Defend Your Mother’s Honor! 
Dish out Whore Points™!
Hassle your friends!
Why? Because Fuck You, That’s Why!

Right off the bat, we’re sure that all of your Mothers* are wonderful ladies of the very highest moral caliber…

Now that thatʼs out of the way, the point of this game is to defend your Mother’s honor by establishing objectively that everyone else’s Mother is, in fact, a whore. These rules will show you how.



Main Deck - 148 “Your Mother Is A Whore” cards: 

In each of 4 suits - BLONDE, BRUNETTE, REDHEAD, RAVEN - there are the following:

5 “YOUR” cards   
4 “MOTHER” cards (one less MOTHER than WHORE, because my Mother isn’t a whore) 
5 “IS A” cards     
5 “adjective” cards (5 different adjectives per suit are included in this set)  
5 “WHORE” cards 
2 “____” WILD WORD cards (these can play as any word in the given suit)
10 WILD SUIT cards (2 of each word - these play as the given word in any suit)
34 ACTION cards 
Because Fuck You, That’s Why! Deck - a separate deck of 34 cards
Whore-Mom-Meter scoreboard and 8 colored pawns for scoring

Object Of The Game

The object of the game is to prove that your Mother is saintly and pure and that everybody else's mother is a dirty, filthy, toothless whore. How? By giving out Whore Points™ of course! Give them to other players while trying to avoid taking Whore Points™ yourself. 


Once any player(s) reaches 15 Whore Points™, the game ends - their Mother is a Whore. Sorry. The player with the lowest score when the game ends is the winner. Hooray for them (and their Mom)!

Getting Started

  • Shuffle the cards thoroughly (especially for your first play out of the box, make sure to thoroughly mix the main deck. It’s a bit of work… we have a pretty big deck. We’re not bragging, it’s just a fact).
  • Deal 7 cards from the MAIN DECK to every player.
  • Put the remainder of the deck in the center of the table. This is the DRAW PILE.
  • Turn over the top card and place it next to the deck to create the DISCARD PILE.
  • Put the BECAUSE FUCK YOU, THAT’S WHY! deck next to these in the center.
  • Each player selects a color and puts their counter on the Whore-Mom-Meter at 0. 


How to give out Whore Points™

  • The primary way you give out Whore Points™ is to collect cards that allow you to play a 5 card run of the phrase “YOUR MOTHER IS A (____) WHORE” with all cards in a single suit – BLONDE, BRUNETTE, REDHEAD or RAVEN. To play a run takes 5 cards. YOUR, MOTHER, IS A, (adjective), and WHORE, all in the same suit. The main deck includes 5 different adjectives in each suit to be used in completing the run: DIRTY, FILTHY, SKANKY, and the like. Any one of these adjectives can be used to make a complete run, but one adjective card is required to complete it.
  • When you play a run of “YOUR MOTHER IS A DIRTY WHORE” (or a Filthy Whore, a Skanky Whore, etc), every other player gets 3 Whore Points™
  • Wild cards - either WILD SUIT cards or WILD WORD cards - can also be used to make the run.
  • You may play a run at any point in the game you are able to - even if its not currently your turn. Once a run is played, those cards are placed in the DISCARD PILE. Also, right after playing a run you replenish your hand to 7 cards.
  • Take note, each of the different adjective cards has a slightly different bonus or action when played in a run. These special bonuses are described on the card itself, so keep an eye on these when choosing which adjectives to hang on to.
  • Whore Points™ can also be added (or subtracted) by certain Action cards or via the effects of certain Because Fuck You, That’s Why! cards. These game effects or giving of Whore Points™ is spelled out on the card itself. 


At the start of every turn, you have 4 options to begin your turn:

  • Take a card from the DRAW PILE
  • Take the top card off of the DISCARD PILE (Action cards cannot be taken from the DISCARD PILE)
  • Steal 1 card at random from the hand of any other player (the player stolen from then replaces the stolen card from the top of the DRAW PILE)
  • Take a card from the Because Fuck You, That’s Why! deck

After drawing a card, make any play that you’re able: maybe you have a “YOUR MOTHER IS A (____) WHORE” run you can play, or perhaps play an Action card if the time is right. If you can’t make any play, then discard a card to the top of the DISCARD PILE. 

Action cards: when drawn into your hand (whether from the DRAW pile or stolen from the hand of another player), Action cards can be held in your hand until needed. Some can be played at any time, some only on your turn, as shown on the card. Once played and discarded, Action cards can  never be picked up from the DISCARD PILE (the only exception to this is when using the SNOWFLAKE or INTERCEPT Action cards). 
At the end of your turn, you should always have the same number of cards you had at the start of it (usually 7, but sometimes 6 or 8 due to certain Because Fuck You, That’s Why! cards, or an adjective special bonus). If you draw a card - whether from the DRAW or DISCARD pile, or from the hand of another player - and you don’t play a run or any Action cards, then you will need to discard a card to come to the proper number of cards in your hand. 
Similarly, if you play a 5 card run of “YOUR MOTHER IS A (____) WHORE”, if you play multiple Action cards, or if you play an allowed Action card when its not your turn, then you may need to draw cards back to your hand in order to restore it to the proper number of cards. Any cards to be drawn (beyond the initial draw at the start of your turn) should always come from the top of the DRAW PILE.

Bottom line, always make sure you have 7 cards at the end of your turn, unless you’re supposed to have 6 or 8. Clear? If you get caught holding too many cards, that’s Cheating (see: Finesse)

Because Fuck You, That’s Why!

On your turn, if you draw from the Because Fuck You, That’s Why! deck, that card is played immediately, takes its effect and is returned to the bottom of the Because Fuck You deck. These cards never go into your hand.

The Because Fuck You, That’s Why! deck is a bit like a loaded gun, except sometimes this gun is pointed out at other players, and sometimes it’s pointed back at you. It’s there to give you a chance to mix things up a little, but it isn’t always going to go your way. Why? Because Fuck You, That’s Why!

Keeping Score

Every player selects a colored pawn at the start. As players get Whore Points™, or perhaps have them taken away, keep track of everyone’s score on the Whore-Mom-Meter.  You can move the counters up the shaft on the Whore-Mom-Meter, or down it, whichever you choose - people have different and sometimes strong positions on which way is right, so we opted to give you both.

Finesse (aka Cheating)

In this game, cheating isn’t necessarily encouraged, but it’s kind of to be expected. You’ll see plenty of situations where everyone will have the opportunity to be honest, or not, about what’s in their hand. If you’re 1 card away from a BLONDE run and are supposed to discard all your BLONDE cards, maybe you might fudge what you’ve got in your hand. Or perhaps, when you draw a Because Fuck You That's Why! card, you could read the instruction to yourself first, before you share it out loud to the group. You don't necessarily have to read it exactly as it's written, do you? Not when a little editing might be just the thing to get you out of a jam or screw somebody else over. 
But don’t get drunk with power just yet: just like in life, cheating is possible, but getting caught has consequences. At any point, if you think somebody is engaged in some fuckery: holding extra cards, not being straight about the ones they’re holding, or fudging the content of an Action card - by all means call bullshit on it. If you catch them cheating, they get two Whore Points™ plus whatever they would have gotten if they hadn’t cheated. Be careful though; if theyʼre innocent, those two Whore Points™ are yours to enjoy. “Are they actually cheating, or do they just want me to call them out to stick me with the 2 Whore Points?”

*Don’t take it personally - this is the oldest of insults, we just made a fun little game out of it. But it doesn’t make us bad people. We respect women. We love women. 

Especially your Mom.